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John Bershar
John Bershar 10/10
Schreef 1 review(s) | geverifieerde bestelling


perfect for amazon

liked the service from beginning to the end, 2 minutes total!

Donna Frenette
Donna Frenette 10/10
Schreef 1 review(s) | geverifieerde bestelling



I hit a brick wall while listing my products and needed EAN numbers straightaway.
This website was recommended in a blog that I read. I ordered my EAN numbers at a fabulous price and got an instant download to use right there and then. Perfect!
I highly recommend and I will be back for more very soon.

Bella Wright
Bella Wright 10/10
Schreef 1 review(s) | geverifieerde bestelling


Perfect for Amazon

Cheaper then the rest.! Good

Priya Chatterjee
Priya Chatterjee 2/10
Schreef 1 review(s) | geverifieerde bestelling


EAN was not allowed on Amazon

I have requested for a refund since EAN was not accepted on Amazon.

Mw Media
Mw Media 8/10
Schreef 31 review(s) | geverifieerde bestelling


Good prices, perfect for Amazon products

I buy a lot of chinese products and when searching for eancodes i came by eancodeshop.co.uk, after order got a direct email to download my eancodes. The whole proces went smooth and il recommend it to my friends, so far did 7 orders here and all 7 went smooth.

Olivia Carlke
Olivia Carlke 10/10
Schreef 1 review(s) | geverifieerde bestelling



Just Ok! Thanks again

Lucy Wood
Lucy Wood 10/10
Schreef 1 review(s) | geverifieerde bestelling


Used for selling on Amazon

Thanks Evelien for your help with the codes and Amazon

Bella Edwards
Bella Edwards 10/10
Schreef 1 review(s) | geverifieerde bestelling


Ean codes

Just all fine, thanks

Harry Williams
Harry Williams 8/10
Schreef 1 review(s) | geverifieerde bestelling


Perfect EAN Codes

Nothing more to say

Jack Dan
Jack Dan 10/10
Schreef 1 review(s) | geverifieerde bestelling


Good proces

The first time I saw the website I thought it was a bit slow. What was annoying when buying the ean codes. But after the order, the whole process went smoothly.

Noah Taylor
Noah Taylor 10/10
Schreef 1 review(s) | geverifieerde bestelling


Working together for years

For several customers we use eancodeshop.co.uk as a 3th party. Orders always go well.

Leo Taylor
Leo Taylor 10/10
Schreef 1 review(s) | geverifieerde bestelling


Delivered directly

Second order took about an hour, but usually delivered within 5 minutes.

Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith 10/10
Schreef 1 review(s) | geverifieerde bestelling


All just good

Quickly receive the codes, no further comments

Louis Js
Louis Js 10/10
Schreef 1 review(s) | geverifieerde bestelling



Good customer service, thanks for helping me Evelien! The order mail was in my SPAM folder..

Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright 8/10
Schreef 1 review(s) | geverifieerde bestelling


Easy to use but be careful

I used the site for the first time and found it easy and straightforward to use. I had a momentary laps of concentration and put co.uk instead of putting. com on the end of my email but despite contacting support did not get my barcode purchase and had to pay again for them. Ultimately I suppose this is a good thing and will avoid complications with your barcode purchase but be careful, mistakes are expensive.


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